Fitzsimons Office of Architecture
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Methods of Scheduling:
FOA uses a “gant” type project scheduling computer pro-
gram that allows for tracking of all project phases including
the design schedule.

Cost Estimating:
Mr. Fitzsimons will be responsible for cost estimating and
control, using a customized EXCEL spread sheet pro-
gram based on Means Cost Estimating Guides and past
projects. FOA has is bidding projects every few months
and allowing us to keep current with construction cost

Technical Capabilities:
The firm uses current technologies to increase productivity
and improve our services.  The software tools we have avail-
able to aid our efforts are AutoCAD  for graphic production
& 3D design,  EXCEL XP for schedules and cost estimates,
GANT type project scheduling program, PAGEMAKER 7.0
for desktop publishing and MS WORD XP for correspon-
dence.  Because drawing and plotting is done in-house, we
can efficiently check electronic drawings. Digital photogra-
phy and color printing provide unique ways to document ex-
isting buildings.  We also have color copying, plotting and
presentation graphic and multimedia capabilities.